Monday, April 27, 2009


Dear Family and Friends.

Mike has asked me to pass along to you that he and the boys have appreciated all of the meals, food, etc., over these last 6 weeks. But now, it is time for them to figure all of this out on their own.

The last official Care Calendar meal delivery will be this Friday, May 1. After that, we will discontinue the Care Calendar.

Having said that, I warned Mike that an occasional meal or baked treat might still make its way to their house. Sometimes via the Smith's (email me). But for the most part, I'll be shutting down the Care Calendar on May 2.

There will be more updates to Caring for Beth. I'm pulling together a picture slide show, I'll be posting birth dates and I know of a few other things in the works. Please check back now and then.

I can't tell you how much your love and support has helped Mike, the boys and the families. And your kind words, emails, cards, flowers, treats, phone calls and hugs have kept me going as well. Thank you so very much.



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